Planning and preparation for internal quality assurance

Planning and preparation for internal  quality assurance

The IQA should make arrangements for internal verification to take place. This should include  identify involvement of assessors such as a Level 2 Gym Qualification practical assessment. Ensure that the Gym is in correct order and all relevant checks have been carried out as per VTCT handbook. The IQA should ascertain what learners are involved, establish if this course involves the employer or a specific client.

The IQA should be aware of the Learning Outcomes that can be found in the AO qualifications speciation. This will shown unit, unit code, assessment criteria, learning outcomes and nature of observation of performance. The IQA from time to time may be required to record for evidence therefore the QA should be aware of recording deceives.

The IQA will be at this point only after the planning internal verification process (plan/actual), timing, incomplete qualification for the unit. The outcome of the assessment ought to be distributed with other assessors to enhance the IQA process. The IQA should ensure that feedback from the assessor to learner is based around the suitability of feedback in terms of  level related to measures and standards. This is important as the assessor should not stray into additional learning outcomes from other units.

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