Become a Training Proivder

  • Helping you with your approval process.
  • Helping you with policy writing.
  • Helping you with quality assurance.
Become approved with On Screen Learning
  • Appeals procedure
  • Complaints procedure
  • Equally and Diversity Policy
  • Learner Induction Procedure
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Forums and webinars
  • Skills CPD tracking
  • Staff Structuring
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Online submissions
  • Confirming the Identity
  • Staff Onboarding
  • IQA Strategy
  • Conduct standardisation
  • IQA observation
  • Moving your courses online
  • IQA Sampling Plan
  • Centre point of contact
  • Delivery observation
  • Creating CPDs
  • Assessor training
  • Assessor observation
  • Lesson / Session plans
  • Qualification approvals
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Assessor qualifications
  • IQA qualifications
On Screen Learning
1 Centre Policy and procedures
2 Management systems
3 Delivery
4 Staff
5 On-going Support
6 Qualifications
Centre Policy and procedures

Centre Policy and procedures

  1. Conflict of Interest Policy
  2. Data Protection Policy
  3. Equality and Diversity Policy
  4. Health and Safety Policy
  5. Learner Complaints Policy
  6. Malpractice / Maladministration Procedure
  7. Safeguarding Policy
  8. Appeals Procedure
  9. Exam Invigilation
  10. Complaints Policy
  11. Public Liability Insurance
  12. Internal Quality Assurance Procedure
  13. Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy
  14. Adverse effects
  15. Third-party policy
  16. Learner Induction
  17. Initial Learner Assessment
  18. RPL/APA/Exemption Policy
Centre Policy and procedures
Management systems

Management systems

  1. Business plan
  2. Staff development, CPDS and qualifications
  3. Standardisation meetings
  4. Organisational chart
  5. Staff role - Trainee Tutor / Assessor / IQA contracts
  6. Defined the roles and responsibilities for all sub-contracting arrangements and can be found.
Management systems


  1. Course structure
  2. Lesson plans
  3. Scheme of work
  4. Delivery method
  5. Course timetable 
  6. QA Sampling Plans – observation of  tutor/assessor delivery/assessment


  1. Staff competencies
  2. Staff records
On-going Support

On-going Support

  1. 30-minute monthly video call. 
  2. Help with standardisation meetings 
  3. Staff training - tutor, assessor and IQA awards.
  4. Access to centre support Q&A
  5. Developing CPDs (For the On Screen Learning portal)
  6. Ongoing advice with all policy and procedures 
  7. OSL webinars.
On-going Support

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