• You can make an unlimited amount of courses.
  • OSL support team will have your back.
  • You can use an unlimited amount of existing OSL content.
  • Easy learner registration
  • What are you waiting for!
Content is King
First, you must ensure that your content is what you need it to be. Content is King! Transforming your static learning material into rich online learning education is quicker when you have all the material all ready to go. If you don’t have this ready, never fear. We can help you with this process. We have over 60 hours of pre-recorded learning material that might already suit your needs.

Harness the power of animation!

After the content has been created, On Screen Learning will transform your course from static text and PowerPoint documents to rich, engaging online learning content. The On Screen Learning animated explainer video with a strong narrative and stunning visuals can instantly capture your learners’ attention. Explainer videos have become the number one tool to describe your educational material to your learners immediately. This makes the On Screen Learning explainer videos perfect for your course.

Bring it to life.

Now we have the text content, and the explainer videos to bring your material to life. On Screen Learning will build in your course that is also mobile-friendly, meaning that it is entirely responsive, providing your learners with the same rich content, regardless of which device they are viewing the content on. The great thing about having interactive content as part of your toolkit is that it opens up new possibilities for learners and tutors. For learners working through courses at their own pace, interactive video helps to replicate the live learning experience, reducing the risk of scroll fatigue….., and we know, we have all been there.

Your assessment method

Using online learning can bring many benefits to the assessment process. You can now have a greater variety and authenticity in the design of assessments. This will increase learner engagement through interactive formative assessments. Your course via On Screen Learning can capture wider skills and attributes not easily assessed by other means, such as simulations, e-portfolios and interactive games.