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  1. What you should know
  2. Staff Requirements
  3. Ready For Your Visit
  4. Approval process

Should we break this down into Policies and Procedures??? 

  1. Appeals Policy
  2. Approving Centre Resource Materials
  3. Centre Risk Management Policy
  4. Centre Support Policy
  5. Approved Centres and Ethical Conduct Policy
  6. Complaints Policy (Should we enforce our own?)
  7. Customer Service Statement
  8. Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
  9. External Theory Assessment Procedures
  10. Online MCQ Procedures
  11. Fees and Invoicing Policy
  12. Flexible Assessment Policy (We need to be really hard on a centre here to ensure that they do not take this option)
  13. the role of the centre and the centre contact
  14. Policy on meeting Guided Learning Hours within different teaching modalities (eLearning, distance and blended models of learning)
  15. Internal Quality Assurance 
  16. External Quality Assurance 
  17. Lost assessment evidence Policy
  18. Malpractice & Maladministration Policy
  19. Use of our name and logo
  20. Procedures for the Security of Assessment Materials
  21. Process for managing the withdrawal of a qualification at a centre
  22. Quality Assurance Arrangements Policy
  23. Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy
  24. Policy and guidance – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  25. Requirements for Centre Retention of Learner Information
  26. Sanctions Policy
  27. Communication with learners
  28. Learner registration Procedures
  29. Certification Procedures
  30. Pricing Structure see AIQ VTCT etc
  31. Centre Training Days and eClinics
  32. Adding a new member of staff to put portal
  33. EQA reports
  34. Standardisation guidance 
  35. Privacy Policy
  36. Invoicing policy
  37. unique learner number
  38. Sanctions
  39. Conflict of Interest
  40. Plagiarism
  41. Direct Claims Status (We review all qualifications via sampling)
  42. Terms and Conditions
  43. Course notification 
  44. Operations Handbook


Accordion Content

Applying for additional qualification approval (See other AOs docs)