Quality Assurance Staff

We assess and IQA all coursework for you

OSL will provide you with a fully managed cloud-based online learning system mapped to your qualification specification. OSL will provide these mapping documents to you and Awarding Organisation. We do this work for you

OSL has already developed e-portfolios with leading Awarding Organisations. We provide this to you and your Awarding Organisation. You can also have this tailored to best suit your business needs. 

OSL will provide you with a qualified assessor who will take over all aspects of assessing evidence submitted by your learners. This includes video uploads of practical observation with feedback. This will take the burden off your centre. 

OSL will provide you with a qualified IQA who will take overall quality aspects, assuring your course remotely. The IQA can provide a live Quality Assurance Process around units, rather than waiting until the end of the course. 


Now you have your online learning system, assessors and IQA’s,  you can focus on your business and your learners. 

On Screen Learning

We assess coursework for you

OSL qualified Assessors will assess coursework. You don't need to worry about assessors. Our qualified assessors care of these for you.

Minimise your workload

Now we assess and IQA your learners, you can spend more time on your business. Work on your business, not in in your business.

Feedback to learners

OSL give feedback directly to the learner to ensure that they are being support through their course. All our feedback is timestamped.

12 month support

OSL will suport your centre through the qualification. Each qualfication will be supported for 12 month by assessors and IQA's.

Scheme of work

We can ehlp plan your course with you. Use our calendar to plan assessments and teach stages all with the OSL.

We compile your IQA reports

OSL write all your IQA reports based on the learners coursework. As OSL is a live system, we can dip sample unit by unit. Not end loads.

Saved to the OSL cloud

Never lose coursework, no more time spend trying to search for emails that have been sent to assessors in PDF form.

Upload practical assessments

OSL have built a video fedback system for all practical observations. Learners upload these videos to the OSL for assessment.

Monthly Meetings

OSL will conduct monthly standardisation meeting to ensure that your course is in track. We will upload these to course documents.

Monthly Meetings

OSL can create animation from your basic slides or text documents. We can project manage your course to support your vision.

Quality Assurance

OSL Mark All Coursework

OSL IQA  All Coursework

Scheme Of Work Support

Various Course Reports

Monthly Standardisation Meeting

Liaise with Awarding Organisation

5 Free Centre Users

Course Development

Free 30Hrs Course Development (£2,250)

Save to the Cloud

Monthly Direct Debt

The centre can Edit Current Assessments

Centre Can Create Learning Material & Activities


Digital Certificates

6 Months Support

12 Months Support

Centre Can Create 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can. We will also give you a copy of our Certificates and CV’s. You can give these to the Awarding Organisation for compliance. 

We will provide you with Assessors and IQA’s.

Brilliant, this is what we would like. It means you are hitting your goals. You have two options.

  1. You can either purchase a new user in the bulk of 5 at £150 per user.
  2. Equally, feel free to renew your agreement with us. Simple!

Yes, you can. This is why we developed this product. We want to support you while giving you lots of options. 

You can at the 60 user mark.  OSL will support you with this. We will provide you with training to show you how to add or remove any learning material within your course.