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On Screen Learning Fitness Instructor gym

On Screen Learning and iTEC/VTCT, have collabrated to launch an online learning platform to support all learners and centres across the world for qualifications within Health, Fitness and Sport.

iTEC/VTCT learners can now login on to the On Screen Learning platform to access full content that has been fully mapped to Health, Fitness and Sport qualifications.

 iTEC/VTCT has grown to be one of the worlds most respected Awarding Organisations supporting up to 34,000 learners within the Health, Fitness and Sports sector. 

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Transcend Awards fitness personal trainer on screen learning OSL

On Screen Learning in collaboration with Transcend Awards launch an online learning platform with an e-portfolio to assist all learners and Training Providers to complete Ofqual and CIMSPA regulated qualifications.

On Screen Learning are currently working to build more CIMSPA endorsed qualifications with Transcend Awards and the forward-thinking CEO Stacey Doherty. 


On Screen Learning are proud to have worked with Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) who are the fourth largest awarding organisation in Northern Ireland in 2018–19 by award of certificates. On Screen Learning  Quailty Reviewed OCN NI Level 2 Diploma in Sport , OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in Sport and the OCN NI Level 2 Award in Sport that was ubmitted to CCEA. These qualifications are now being delivered across Northern Ireland in Schools, Colleges and a Training Providers. 

On Screen Learning have also conducted External Monitoring Visits for OCNNI for additional qualifications such as OCN NI Level 3 Diploma in Performance Coaching for Gaelic Sports and OCN NI Level 3 Diploma in Management in Gaelic Sports

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On Screen Learning worked with Buckinghamshire Open College (BOC) from application, policy and procedure to the AO throught to certification of the learners. On Screen Learning developed the assessment e-portfolio system reletive to AO qualifications specifications. BOC deliver CIMSPA endorsed L2 Certificate Fitness Instructing and L3 Certifcate in Personal Training.

BOC specialise within the health and fitness sector using the e-portfolio system. BOC quality assurance staff can login from anywhere to mark evidence submitted by the learner. On Screen Learning Developed a 76% automarked feature for the L2 Certicate in Gym course. This reduces time and cost, while the learner receive instant feedback for 76% of the assessment creation.

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On Screen Learning support qualifications offered by Innovate Awarding with the Active Leisure Sector. These qualifications are assessed via method of Portfolio of Evidence, Practical Examination and Coursework. As these qualifications are not MCQ based, the learner is required to submit more evidence across specific units. The On Screen Learning system can help centres stay compliant with Innovate Awarding qualifications and will help centres gain a ‘Low Risk’.

On Screen Learning have assited with centre visits and reviews of submitted learners evidence with Innovate Awarding.

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Archon has collaborated with Transcend Awards to develop a pioneering qualification that bridges a gap in fitness education and provides fitness and sports coaches with an exclusive Level 4 Qualification in Fitness Profiling.

Using Archon’s methodology and up to date algorithms, the qualification supports those wanting to develop their skills as a coach, enabling them to assess fitness levels across a broad spectrum of assessment categories, accurately evidence and evaluate participant progress, to offer a more personalised and accurate service to their clients, members and/or sports team.

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