CIMSPA Mapping Documents

On Screen Learning CIMSPA

Fancy owning lots of CPDS? We are excited to announce that On Screen Learning is now creating and mapping our templates to CIMSPA standards, saving you time and effort. The On Screen Learning’s team of experienced professionals will ensure that your templates meet quality standards and best practices in your field. By mapping the templates […]

Templates or Courses?

On Screen Learning Acgtive IQ Templates

The reason we refer to them as templates is to provide flexibility in adapting different aspects of the course to suit the specific training needs and delivery style of educators. Templates offer a starting point for educators to create their own courses or learning activities by providing a pre-designed framework or structure. This allows educators […]

What is an LTI?

Using the OSL LTI integration for courses or pre-made content, offers you several benefits for educators and learners, including: Streamlined integration: LTI integration allows for seamless integration of pre-made content and courses into an LMS like Moodle, reducing the time and effort required to set up a new course or learning activity. Consistent design: LTI […]

5% of the students will give you 95% of your workload.

As an educator, I’ve often used the phrase, “5% of the students will give you 95% of your workload.” You know what, I have absolutely nothing to back up the thing phrase. While there may not be a specific study or evidence to support this claim, I’ve observed it throughout my years of experience. The […]