On Screen Learning CIMSPA

Fancy owning lots of CPDS?

We are excited to announce that On Screen Learning is now creating and mapping our templates to CIMSPA standards, saving you time and effort.

The On Screen Learning’s team of experienced professionals will ensure that your templates meet quality standards and best practices in your field.

By mapping the templates to your CIMSPA account, you can enhance the credibility and value of your courses, making them more attractive to learners. 

This will cost you ZERO to add them to your subscription, and you will have the CPD in your name!

Benefits of getting On Screen Learning, a professional training company, to map your course to standards:

  1. Expertise: On Screen Learning’s experienced professionals bring expertise and knowledge to the process, ensuring that your course meets the requirements and expectations of relevant standards.

  2. Time-saving: Getting On Screen Learning to map your course to standards can save you a significant amount of time and effort.

  3. Quality assurance: Working with On Screen Learning can help ensure that your course meets quality standards and best practices in your field.

  4. Enhanced credibility: Mapping your course to relevant standards can enhance its credibility and value, making it more attractive to learners and potential employers.

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